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Transition Groups have been set up in response to the problems of Climate Change and Peak Oil. Ours was set up in the first half of 2008.

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We will need to become much less reliant on fossil fuels. To do this we will need to be much more reliant on renewable energies, have stronger local communities, and be more reliant on local food production.

For more details about Transition and what our Transition group has been doing go to the Transition section.

Because we were already active in seeking a transition to a low carbon future, we were able to link with Community Energy Plus, a Cornish Energy Charity, and Paul Martin of Kabin, our local Cornish Co-operatives support company, to apply for the Government’s Low Carbon Communities Challenge in November 2009.

We were successful and were awarded £500,000 to install low carbon technologies in the community. The Project is a continuing project with the money from feed-in-tariff from electricity generation by the wind turbine and photovoltaic cells coming back to the project to be spent on further low carbon installations.

To learn more about the Low Carbon Project , and how you can become involved, go to the Low Carbon section.